1. The online registration form is the only means of registration. Incomplete submissions (lack of contact details, etc.) will not be taken into account. The number of participants is limited. We honor the first come first served rule.
  2. By registering to the workshops you accept these terms.
  3. The price of the workshops includes participating in chosen workshops. The price does not include transfers, food nor accommodation, etc.
  4. The price of the Full Pass includes your Gala Show tickets.
  5. Sharing workshops and passes with another person is not allowed. It is also not allowed to change your registration for a cheaper kind of pass/ single workshops after the first installment has been paid.
  6. Payment terms and schedule are available in the Facebook event. All payments should be made in PLN (Polish Zloty) to the bank account indicated by the organizers or in cash. You will receive an e-mail with all details after submitting your registration. The payment can be made either in advance or in installments (each installment deadline is provided in the Facebook event). Exceeding the deadline will result in losing the discount and moving to the next price range. Exceeding the deadline of the advance payment may result in losing your spot on the list of participants. The organizers have the right to sell such spot to the first person on the waiting list.
  7. In case of insufficient number of registrations, the organizers have the right to cancel the event, in which case all payments for workshops will be refunded.In case of a participant’s resignation, any payments are non-refundable. The participant can assign a new person to attend the workshops in their place, but needs to consult with the organizers first. It is not allowed to sell workshops spots with a price higher then original. It is not possible to divide workshops from passes between more people, to sell single workshops from a pass etc. – you can only sell the whole pass that you bought. The organizers do not engage in any financial transactions between the participants, but only change the name on the list. If by the time of the transaction there are still some installments to be paid to the organiser, the new owner of the workshop pass has to pay them to the organiser in the same amount, at the same time and with the same terms as agreed with the original owner of the workshop pass.
  8. Each participant must individually assess their dance level. In case of any doubts, the organizers will be more than happy to provide you with feedback on the issue. However please keep in mind, that the workshops at the festival are not aimed at complete beginners.
  9. The participants must arrange their own transfers and accommodation.
  10. Organizers have the right to slightly change the hourly schedule of the workshops (by 30 minutes), in which case the participants will be informed by March 1st 2019. The above changes cannot be subject to resignation and any refunds. Please, keep that in mind when planning your trip to Warsaw. The dates of the workshops are fixed.
  11. Participants agree to maintain order and proper conduct in the area of the workshops. Phones should be switched off or silenced during workshops. No filming is allowed, except of filming of the choreography at the end, if the teacher allows it and only at a specific time agreed by the teacher.
  12. Participants are requested to bring comfortable dance attire, water and zills for ATS workshops. Please refrain from using noisy hip scarves, or any objects which may distract other participants or the teacher.
  13. Please be punctual when showing up for the workshops. We recommend showing up 15 minutes ahead of time, having your name tag nearby (name tag will be provided by the organizers upon first registration). On the first day of our workshops, please show up 30 minutes ahead of time.
  14. Workshops will be taught in English. Organizers do not provide translation.