Learn how to seamlessly fade and circle up while still presenting the ‚dance’ so that even when you are transitioning from one leader/group to the next, you still look like you are dancing. View Details

Dancing in a duet can catalyze an energy shift full of excitement and intensity, bringing your audience to the edge of their seats. In this workshop, we will explore the relationship between you and your duet partner, show you how to feature the passing moves, and help you develop power and stamina in your duet presentation. View Details

Put your thinking cap on and get ready to digest some introductory biomechanics. This workshop will introduce you to kinetic chains, open and closed chain movements, and how these concepts relate to ATS® bellydance. Review ATS® vocabulary with Carolena’s kinesiological application of anchor and release. This is a great workshop for teachers wanting to further their students’ as well as their own understanding of kinesiology, proprioception, and anatomy as it pertains to ATS®. View Details

Empower yourself and your dance sisters with these challenging combinations that will inspire your confidence and awaken your senses. Break out of your usual patterns and wow your audiences with combinations that move, groove, and have your audiences joyously rejoicing at the edge of their seats! View Details

Let us create a blend of urban street style and tribal fusion belly dance. We will learn to effortlessly flow from controlled posture to relaxed groove and work with the energies which are so different for each other. Learn new progressive dance moves and don’t forget to have fun. View Details

Let’s get weird in this experimental fusion workshop! We’ll start the workshop by learning a few unusual fusion combinations that are eclectic and beyond the basic “tribal” stylings. After we’ve played with some pre-made phrases, we’ll make some new ones to fit some extra strange songs that i’ve got up my sleeves…sometimes you need to get ugly to get awesome. View Details

You’ve got the basic steps, formations, and how to lead and follow, great! Now it’s time to add those little nuances and flairs to make you look even more polished, fluid, and sophisticated. Learn Kae’s secrets and tricks to add a touch of “FatChance” in your dance technique. This workshop will cover how to get graceful ATS® arm and hand movements, why we use this dance angle, where the gaze should be when dancing, eye contact when improvising in a group, majestic entrances and graceful exits, and correct facial expression that project confidence and happiness on stage. Basic understanding of ATS® Taxeem, Hand Floreo, Arm Undulations, Reverse Turn, Bodywave, and Egyptian Step, Arabic Step, Bump Step and Shimmy Step is helpful. View Details

Practice handing off the lead at the right time in the music so that everyone gets a chance to express the dramatic points in the music. View Details

Working on movement quality is a tough job for a dancer, but one of the most essential ones. And where to start? Well, in these 2 hours of drills (and what more…), we’ll work from contraction to release, from fast to slow, from waving to popping, using both Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Popping technique exercises, rediscovering the beauty of moving snake-like, fused with music… Hypnotically. View Details

Come twerk it with me! In this workshop you will learn a fast-paced Jamaican Dancehall inspired fusion choreography. We’ll be moving and sweating a LOT, so dress comfortably! View Details

New dynamic challenging drills and precise isolations. We will focus on layering hip-­‐‐work, shimmies with footwork and arm patterns. There is always something new to explore in this territory. Prepare to sweat and dance like there is no tomorrow. View Details

Come learn a fusion choreography to a popular trap song! This choreo will be fast, technical and super detailed with a focus on tiny & tight isolations! View Details

How do you translate a song into dance? In this workshop we will train how to listen to a song in a way that will look as if the music was coming out of your own body. We will use mainly Tribal Fusion vocabulary but learn tools to use in every style, or even just open your ears to a different way to listen to music in your life. Whether softly or beat killing, we’ll make our body our instrument and turn dance into music. View Details