Kenzi Orchidaceae

Kenzi Orchidaceae started dancing 10 years ago with Piny Orchidaceae, who taught a lot of dance styles already as a start of fusion. She learned Tribal Fusion Belly Dance from Piny, first as an only student, which was a huge luck as it meant she discovered the dance style that the loves the most very early on. Over this (more than) half of her life, Kenzi continued to take classes with Piny but also Leo Orchidaceae and other Portuguese teachers, to grow as a dancer and to learn other dance styles. In 2012 Orchidaceae Urban Tribal was born and Kenzi started developing her own fusion, like all other members, influenced mostly by urban styles she studies such as Popping, Hip Hop, House and floorwork from Contemporary and Break Dance, but always keeping Tribal Fusion as her foundation. Since then, the Orchidaceae family has travelled in Europe to perform and teach in group, solos, duets and trios, and spent a month in India with the Banjara. In Lisbon, Kenzi won two solo competitions at the TribaLx festival and danced as a guest in the Gala several times. Since 2015, she has taught workshops and performed at the Tribal Experience in Barcelona, the Roma Tribal Meeting and the ODI | Orchidaceae Dance Intensive, and collaboration workshops with Piny, Leo, Cookie and Mary Orchidaceae at the Orchidaceae Berlin Weekend, ODI and TribaLx. Her approach to dance is very much based on musicality, and what she most practices are drills and improvisation challenges as a way to work on technique but keep her dance free. Apart from dance, she studies Biology, was a bird and reptile trainer and caretaker and show presenter at the Lisbon Zoo, and is a Lisbon tour guide and occasional dancer/actress for advertisement commercials.

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